For Investors gives you structured access to private placements from listed companies as well as venture capital and private equity investments.


Become part of an exclusive network and participate in investment opportunities which are available only to a selected circle of professional clients across Europe.


Participation in private placements from listed companies offers you the opportunity to acquire new shares in an enterprise at a discount to prevailing market prices and to participate in young, growing enterprises with leading edge services or technologies.

Participation in a private placement during the early growth phase of an enterprise opens up highly promising profit potential in future.


Investors operate anonymously on, subscription offers submitted cannot be seen by other participants.


The functionality of allows personalised management of your stock options relating to private placements by  listed companies and also enables you to set up your own monitoring functions.


For investors, membership at is free of charge.

Placement and Conclusion of Contract

The functionality of the platform enables investors to draw placements online. The investor has the opportunity to view the treaty prior to bidding. After submission of an offer, the contract is to be printed, signed and returned to the platform. The payment and delivery obligations resulting from the conclusion of a contract are arranged directly between the issuer and investor outside of the platform. The cost of payment transactions is borne by each party.

Legal Notice

We offer you investment brokering (Sec. 1 (1a) second sentence no. 1 KWG (German Banking Act)) of financial and money market instruments as a tied agent pursuant to section 2 (10) KWG on behalf of, in the name of and on the account of Dr. Bauer & Co. Vermögensmanagement GmbH, Prannerstraße 6, 80333 Munich, Germany. Dr. Bauer & Co. Vermögensmanagement GmbH is an independent financial services institution and has the requisite authorisations from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). You may review additional information on this topic in our Imprint.